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    Ray Litvak
    Ray Litvak

    Hi All,

    I find myself in unfamiliar territory and need advice. Here’s the situation: Business A is taking over Business B. They are both located in the same city and offer the same service. Both businesses have been in business for 30+ years and have good reputations. As part of the merger, Business B will be forwarding their domain to Business A in short order. They both have well developed and active GMB Listings/Knowledge Panels with over 50 reviews each; Business A has a 4.6 rating and Business B a 4.5 rating. At the moment, Business B (stopped servicing customers as of July 31st) has recently marked their GMB listing as ‘permanently closed’ but has given Business A access/ownership to their GMB listing as part of the merger.

    Can these GMB listings be merged? If so, what are the pros and cons and how is it done? Further, Business B has also closed their YELP page and has given Business A access to it. Any information re: possibly merging YELP listings (if advisable) would also be appreciated.



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