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    Gregory T'Kint
    Gregory T’Kint

    Hi all,

    Not sure what is happening but not having a good ‘digital day’ so far… apologies if you come across this post in another segment of LocalU.

    When I logged into Google My Business this morning I was completely gobsmacked when I noticed that 80% of my branches are no longer listed… What the ‘insert many expletives’!?

    Branches that were listed and had photos and Google Reviews associated to them now show up as “Own this Business?” again when doing a Google Search. Please see below:
    Plumbing Depot Huyton - Own this business?

    As opposed to:
    Plumbing Depot Bourne

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what might have happened here?
    I assume that all my previous Google Reviews are also lost now for these affected branches?

    Any help would be much appreciated since I am slightly freaking out here 😉

    Many thanks in advance
    Kind regards



    Mike Blumenthal

    Do you have the CID or Place IDs of the locations that were removed from your dashboard?

    Can you provide a list (google Doc) of locations that were affected and those that were not?

    Gregory T'Kint
    Gregory T’Kint

    Hi Mike,

    Long time no speak/chat/email… Many thanks for your prompt reply 🙂

    Please find below a spreadsheet. I have added a column indicating whether the locations still show in Google as being “owned”. Since I used branch codes it was easy to spot that all the branches since nr 49 are still present and all the older branches, which had most reviews, have disappeared.


    As to the Place IDs, unfortunately I never used these so never created a list.
    I did create a Google Map listing all (or most) of our branches:

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated 🙂
    Many thanks
    Have a great day



    Joy Hawkins


    What are the locations? Are they all warehouses with signs on them? I wasn’t 100% clear on the spreadsheet which ones still exist and which ones do not.

    Does the dashboard say disabled beside all the ones that are gone? It looks like they are still live on Maps from what you described and just are no longer verified. Please confirm.


    Mary Bowling

    Are the locations that were lost all represented on both this map: http://www.jhrenewables.com/ and this map:http://www.jhplumb.com/ ? Could that be a source of confusion?

    Gregory T'Kint
    Gregory T’Kint

    Hi Mike, Joy,

    I have figured out what happened…

    Due to GDPR (in EU) our MD wanted to have a cleanse and he I quote “shut down the main Google Account” that was used to set up / manage all the branches prior to branch code 49.
    So we basically only have the branches left that I added via my own account afterwards.
    main Google Account deleted

    @Joy > All the branches listed in the Google Spreadsheet still exist, the utter-right column shows which ones are still listed in Google My Business Dashboard.

    What now? Do I need to manually “Own” all these branches? Or can I import a list of branches?

    Apologies if this sounds trivial, but it has been ages. And it’s not like riding a bike really… it’s more like knowing how to ride a bike and then be asked to operate a jetpack 😉

    Many thanks in advance
    Kind regards and have a great day/evening



    Joy Hawkins

    You should be qualify for bulk verification if they have storefronts. I’d suggest getting in touch with GMB on chat:


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