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    Ray LitvakRay Litvak

    Hi All,
    I’m speaking to an MMA Gym about doing some Local SEO for them. They are interested but are inquiring about how they’d justify the Local SEO spend? As it stands now, anyone who signs up must do it manually @ the Gym and they don’t track the source i.e. referral, web, other advertising. In other words, how would or how could it be proven that a new signup/member joined directly as a result of the Local SEO effort that is in place?
    Off the top of my head, perhaps print off a voucher to submit for a discount or something along those lines.

    Daryl Johnson


    Some of this depends on what your definition on “Local SEO” is.

    In its purest sense, its about organic traffic, but can include other channels. It will be hard to nail down the exact number of walk-in customers that came via Local SEO, but there are things you can do to show the trend.

    First, if all other advertising is being held equal, you could map the growth or decline in signups correlated to an increase in their organic traffic online. Meaning, same month last year, they had 20 signups, and this month they had 30. Assuming you also had a correlative increase in organic traffic, you could attribute it to organic efforts. I would include tracking driving directions to the facility via GMB and phone calls.

    If you follow scientific advertising, you need an offer with a unique identifier to track redemption rate.
    You could have an online offer, say a free month or custom water bottle, but if on the website, there could be some leakage on different channels.

    Admittedly, it can be a little loose, but I believe if more people interested in their brand, figuring out how to drive there, getting more calls, and ultimately more signups doesn’t do it, then I think you’re having to do more convincing than is possible 🙂

    My belief is that this is more about understanding statistically significant trends than it is about accounting for each dollar. Humans are a crazy bunch, and we cant model their behavior with 100% predictability, but we can reveal trends. And that data is infinitely more powerful than what they are currently operating on, and also more than what their competitors are probably doing.

    Mary Bowling

    As local SEO’s, we sometimes need to be conscious of NOT spending too much of the client’s money proving our own worth to them. Some agencies spend more resources on reporting every month than they do accomplishing work for their clients.

    The way things are set up right now, coupon and discount code redemptions are probably the only things that will “prove” the new customer came from online efforts, but in reality all marketing channels work together. So, I would create a baseline and take credit for upwards trends in new customers from that baseline and then determine some other things I could do for the client that are very trackable, such as email marketing.

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