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    Hi guys,

    I am currently working on the location landing pages of my website but while doing that I realized I would also start doing some local seo for my GMB and citations.

    Any suggestions on how should I start with this process? I already have existing GMB profiles for my site. Please take note that we have 3 offices so I will be having 3 GMBs and would probably do the same for local citations. How should I start? Thank you.


    Mike Blumenthal

    1- Check Moz and Yext & to see if any of the three locations have any problems with basic data
    2- Check Google Maps, Apple Maps to see if any of the three locations have any location or driving direction problems
    If you find anything wrong in either of the above checks (multiple phone numbers, odd addresses or bad driving directions stop back
    3- I would start by paying Moz and submitting your listings there as they will get you listed with the top tier data providers.
    4-I would then claim and verify at
    And any vertical sites in your industry
    5- Optimization of GMB is a misleading term… Google has it tamped down so that there is little to be done there that can manipulate results other than changing your name… But I would
    – Make sure that each location has super high quality localaized photos of inside, outside and staff
    – Look at others in your industry to get an idea of optimal profile photos… select a good on
    – Make sure that your hours AND special hours are set.
    – Be sure that attributes and extra URLS are utilized
    – Create 4 or 5 Questions and Answers relevant for each location and post and answer them
    6- Consider using Posts
    7- Google Messaging makes sense, if it makes sense in the context of your client base and work flow. But then again maybe not.


    Mike Blumenthal

    Are you in a market with HSA?



    Hi again, sorry for the late update.

    I would like to ask again regarding the address for the website I am working on. The current address is in Beverly Hills, CA but I am targeting Los Angeles CA. How can I target Los Angeles if the physical address is in Beverly Hills?



    Hi Mike,

    Can you clarify how to do this?
    “Create 4 or 5 Questions and Answers relevant for each location and post and answer them”

    an example can help. Our service is hair loss treatment.


    Mike Blumenthal

    Here are two articles that I wrote that should provide some help



    In the former I detail a set of guidelines and in the latter I give an example of a set that I did for a client.

    Let me know if that give you enough detail and if not ask away.



    Thanks Mike. These references are useful. I do have another question. I saw your blog post before about using call tracking for local search. http://blumenthals.com/blog/2014/11/25/guide-to-using-call-tracking-for-local-search/

    Would this be good for multi location businesses? And which call tracking service provider do you recommend?


    Mike Blumenthal


    In this post we detail a simpler way to do call tracking that would work well for multi location: https://localu.org/topic/call-tracking-website-optimization-and-gmb-call-tracking/

    I have not compared the many services so I can not make a definitive statement but I have used callrail and it works great.

    Perhaps others could make recommendations on companies.



    Thanks Mike for responding, for the now I am pausing my tasks on call tracking. I am now following the steps found at the Local Search Manual Edition. I read about the Location Data, Audit existing citations. I am not just sure how to “Check offline entities against the business name” which includes:

    Government Entities
    Financial Entities
    Utility Companies
    Licensing Bodies

    I am guessing a Google search of the business name will work? What are your thoughts?


    Mike Blumenthal

    This is best done with the help of the owner. These are not always easy to find online but “leak” on line.

    Have the owner send you copies of his bills and licenses



    Thanks. I will that. I also read about “Utilize database generated by your CMS” under the Google My Business, still under location data. What does this mean? I’m a bit confused. Also, under “Duplicate Cleanup”, do you know an alternative option for checking the alternate NAP for listings aside from the paid feature of MOZ local?

    Thanks Mike for responding to my questions.


    Mike Blumenthal

    I would need to see the reference the database and understand the context.

    In terms of free tools to understand NAP issues
    Moz local can provide dupes at the major sites
    Yext has tool that can show across a range of secondary sites
    Google search using advanced operators can unsurface a lot

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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