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    Gregory T'KintGregory T’Kint


    I find this community and the content very interesting, but was wondering if someone could produce a checklist or framework to follow when implementing a Local SEO strategy.

    A step-by-step chronological guide of Things To Do would be handy and would tie all the separate bits of information together.

    Maybe someone could create a Google Doc or Spreadsheet that the members can View and/or Contribute towards?

    What can I say… I like lists. I know, I’m sad 😉

    Many thanks in advance,


    David Mihm

    We actually have some of these materials & give them to attendees at our U.S. seminars. One of the content areas we’ll be building out in the coming months on these forums is to post them on here. Just taking us a little longer than we’d like to get this section implemented.

    Arno Wingen

    Wow, this was exactly the question I was going to ask. Would be excellent if this would show up here in the future.

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Any progress on this? Same thing I’m after!

    Aaron WeicheAaron Weiche


    Thanks for the inquiry. We actually just updated some materials from our LocalU Workshop that was in NY in September and we’re adding a few sections to it. It will then be posted here in the forums. Thanks!

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Hi Aaron – What section of the forums will those LocalU materials be posted to? I’ll keep an eye out for them. Look forward to seeing them!

    Mike Blumenthal

    They have been posted: Local Search Manual (downloadable PDF)

    Mike Blumenthal

    I have also just posted a Guide to Fixing Bad NAP.

    Mary Bowling

    I also created this Local Search Mindmap infographic that you may find useful: http://ignitordigital.com/local-search-mindmap/

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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