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    Now that Keyword Planner is essentially a paid-only model, are there any keyword tools that allow you to get volume for non-geo keywords by setting a location?

    Mary Bowling

    I am able to access Google’s Keyword Planner without any active campaigns in my account. You need to create an AdWords account, but I think you can use keyword planner for research w/o paying. However, you do need to do some things as if you were going an account, like provide a bid amount and fill out a profile.


    Thanks Mary. I was referring to the wide search volume ranges like 10k-100k that I was getting after the GKP update. Does setting up AdWords in the manner you suggest yield actual search volumes (not the ranges)?

    Joy Hawkins


    This tool gets around the need for an AdWords account but it doesn’t allow you to set the location the way AdWords does – it shows the volume for the entire USA.


    Joy Hawkins

    I read this today and thought of this post. If you use Bright Local it looks like you can now get this info from them!

    New Features: Keyword Query Count & Keyword Groups


    Thanks Joy, this is perfect!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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