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    Craig J MountCraig J Mount

    Mike B. mentioned in a blog post that when using dynamic number insertion for call tracking, the margin for error is high.

    I understand the post is old, but I’m wondering what he meant and if it is still relevant.

    Guide to Using Call Tracking for Local Search

    What does proper schema, dynamic call code look like? Can someone provide an example?

    Mike Blumenthal

    Google can now read javascript and in that can see the phone number that is presented via DNI.

    They (google) also don’t really like you presenting something different to their bot than their searcher.

    There are a number of solutions to this.

    One is to port your local number to the call tracking service AND always present that number to both the Google bot and the Google searcher. And be sure that your local number is presented clearly in schema in the footer and on the contact us page. And present DNI to others as you wish.

    A more granular solution would be to port as above and include in footer etc and then have a DNI number that is just shown to the Google bot and Google searchers and added as a secondary number within your Google My Business account.

    As to best schema for DNI I am not sure but will try to get someone to answer that question.

    Craig J MountCraig J Mount

    Interesting, just got off of a webinar with George Freitag (Beyond Rankings: How to Measure Success in Local Search), he mentioned you can and should replace your number with a DNI because Google is aware and it doesn’t bother them.

    That is primarily the reason I asked here. While I understand most of this is speculation (or maybe I misunderstood him… however I’m confident I didn’t), I would still like to know the current school of thought on best practice.

    If asked, I think I would prefer porting the number and using schema in the footer/contact us. I’d be curious to hear other opinions.

    Follow-ups- (1) Per your article Mike, I’m going to assume DNI for local search is now very feasible? (2) George also mentioned GMB Insights are a useful source for call data, however if I recall I think you disagreed with Insights as a data source. Would you consider using it as a reference point, but perhaps not put too much weight into it? Or do you think that specific metric is accurate?

    Mike Blumenthal

    Google is reading Javascript, and Google has said repeatedly that the bot and the searcher should get the same number AND we know that Google looks at the number on the website and often replaces the GMB number with what it finds…

    So to comply with Google’s disparate wishes you should ideally always show them the same number and that number should be added to your GMB dashboard along with your main number perhaps as the secondary. This has worked well for a number of clients

    DNI is feasible, and its fine to change it for specific sites as long as you give Google the same number to both the bot and the user and its logged in the GMB

    I think that the GMB is useful its just not robust annd not reliable…. and since some of the information they provide is available no other way (like how many driving directions or click to calls) its your only source for that data…. just don’t stake your life on it.

    Mike Blumenthal

    PS I asked David Deering if there was a schema for call tracking as that would be a great solution being able to indicate to Google a canonical number. He said

    Not really, Mike. One possible option would be to use ContactPoint but I wouldn’t suggest it because Google will take it to mean that it’s one of the business’ actual, permanent phone numbers. I can see how the Schema group would feel about adding something for tracking numbers. I can see the value in having something for it but we’ll see how the rest feel.

    Is the question for you whether to do call tracking? The answer is yes

    Is the question how to do it? The answer is conservatively and don’t throw any curve balls to Google

    I mean you could try other ways but why risk it?

    Will Scott

    We still do dynamic number insertion in both image and text with some frequency using the traditional JavaScript method.

    Given where we place the code, the new number typically loads in later. We check with some frequency and don’t see any leakage.

    I don’t think there’s a ton of risk if one is conservative and only does it on-site.


    I’ve used DNI for tons of clients and have never seen any bad outcome. Same goes for anyone I’ve spoken to who also use it for their clients.

    Luke Kervin

    We use dynamic number insertion powered by DialogTech for a high volume of clients and have not detected an adverse SEO impact. If using DNI for paid search, then a pool of phone numbers is required. However, if the goal of using DNI is simply to track calls generated on-site, then only a single DNI number is required and your should register the call tracking phone number with GMB as a secondary phone number to be safe.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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