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    Mike Blumenthal

    Want to catch up on all the local news during your drive time?

    Subscribe to Last Week in Local as a podcast

    Ross Dunn
    Ross Dunn

    Thank goodness! I have been converting your videos to mp3 each time. Thanks!!!

    PS. If this was an April Fools… 🙁


    Mike Blumenthal

    Only fool is me… been on my radar just didn’t have time or person to do it for me… when I realized that I did have the person… actually people.

    I had to first get my post processing effectively set up, and train them. Obviously last week in local required someone to be available to do the work every Monday afternoon. Found and trained them (my semi-retired brother). Then once that was in place I needed someone like Carrie Hill to just finish the set up for the Podcast and to show the post processing person how to do it.

    So anyway it took a bit longer than I had hoped. But its done, its efficient, can be done in a timely way and should flow well.

    For those who are interested I am using
    1- Apple Notes to gather and track stories throughout the week and as a teleprompter. This works across my phone, my two desktops and iPad. So no matter where I am reading something I can capture the link and comment
    2- Skype for the video meeting. Probably not the best but everyone has it.
    3- Call Recorder to record the audio & video and to create an mp4. One time $39 app that formats the audio and video from Skype into MP4
    4- iMovie to add the titles and adjust the audio and to export to video and audio formats
    5- Wistia to host the video
    6- Buzzsprout to host the audio and publish the podcast to Apple & Google Play
    7- WordPress where I copy & paste articles from Notes, embeds from Wistia & Buzzsprout to create the weekly post
    8- I copy & paste the links to Tidings to create the email newsletter (I could do this directly to Mailchimp as well but I like Tidings)
    9- Mailchimp to send it.
    10- For Deepdive we post to Speechpad for a transcript
    11- We copy and past, edit the Speechpad transcript and then use the wordpress embeds from Wistia & Buzzsprout.

    We end up creating each week
    -two (v)blog posts a week.. one with curated links and the other with a transcript
    -one email blast of the curated links
    -two podcasts every week.

    Recording takes about 30 minutes, post processing & creation takes about 90 minutes a week.

    Areas that could use improvement are in the recording quality from Skype and the mic

    I am still looking for the perfect wireless lavaliere mic to improve the audio quality. I tend to not be able to do well with a stand mic as I drift away from it. Any suggestions?

    I am convinced that the flow and technologies offer up a great content play for local businesses and local agencies, in person or remotely

    Carrie Hill
    Carrie Hill

    This turned out really great and the sound quality doesn’t diminish when going from video to audio to podcast host – so it’s really an easy way to listen on the go. I have them queued up for my next drive into town!

    Great idea, Mike! Thanks for letting me help out!


    Mike thanks for creating this, I’m really looking forward to your podcast each week!


    Mike Blumenthal

    Chris and Ross

    I would love feedback of any sort and all sorts… content, quality, length…

    Gregory T'Kint
    Gregory T’Kint

    Hi Mike,

    Hope you are well… been a while since I have visited LocalU I must admit, hanging my head in shame 😉

    I was looking forward to listening to the Last Week in Local podcast, but unfortunately it seems that the podcast functionality has not been consistently rolled out outside of the US. I for one – in the UK – can’t find any podcasts within my Google Play Music app (Android) nor via the web interface.
    When clicking on the Android link I am taken to the Google Play Music site as shown in the attached file.

    The menu doesn’t show any podcast options neither.

    Would it also be possible to make this podcast available via for example Stitcher? I use this Android app to listen to podcasts such as The Tim Ferriss Show, The James Altucher Show, Noah Kagan Presents, London Real, etc.

    Many thanks
    Kind regards


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    Mike Blumenthal

    Sorry for the agro

    I will look into Stitcher… it might take a few days. In the meantime here is a web interface to the current and past library

    Local Search Deep Dive Podcast

    Last Week in Local: Local Search & SEO Podcast from LocalU

    Let me know if those are marginally useful and in the meantime I will get to work on Stitcher. Thanks for the feedback!

    Gregory T'Kint
    Gregory T’Kint

    Hi Mike,

    Many thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

    I am looking forward to adding your podcasts to My Stations in Stitcher 🙂

    Kind regards and have a great day.

    Carrie Hill
    Carrie Hill

    Hi Gregory!

    Thanks for the feedback, I didn’t realize the podcasts didn’t work outside the US – we’ve applied for a Stitcher account and as soon as I’m able to get us online there I’ll add it to our subscription list and post the link here!


    Carrie Hill
    Carrie Hill

    Hi Greg,

    Just wanted you to know we received word that our Stitcher accounts were approved and you can subscribe to both podcasts via Stitcher on our Podcasts page!

    Subscribe to our Podcasts

    Let me know if you have any more issues!


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