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    Hartmut Wehrmeyer

    I have a request of a large German retail chain to do citations building (600 locations) and citations clean up. As of today we frequently do citations analysis for our clients to identify NAP inconsistencies and provide recommendations for citation building but seldom do citation building ourselves and never did in on a large scale – only for single location business.

    Has anybody expierence with this kind of task regarding best practices and pit falls, e.g.

    Chances for bulk uploads / changes:
    – potential synergies (e.g. contact one directory to upload all 600 locations – is this something that is common or accepted by directories, do you need to pay for this)

    If you have to create each citation manually
    – Do directories normally allow to create one account for multiple locations?
    – May one encounter IP issues if you have to enter each location with one separate account

    Any other advice on this would be helpful.

    Last but not least: In Germany this kind of service is quite new and there is no transparent market for this – including prices. Any hint on what price ranges are common in the other countries for large scale citation building or what kind of pricing model is appropriate (per citation or per directory) would be helpful.

    Best regards


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