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    Hello LocalU,

    Does anybody know if there is a max distance allowed for service area businesses in regards to the service area shade that populates on Google maps?

    Is it maybe 200 miles from furthest point A to furthest point B? I can’t seem to find any documentation on Google My Business support links.

    For context, some of our largest and biggest paying clients are a bit stubborn and have a very old school style of thinking when it comes to the web (they are contractors).

    While we understand that a service area showing on Google Maps has no ranking value, and perhaps is useless outside of say 15 or 20 miles from their pin…same of our clients have become a bit obsessed with depicting their correct service area on Google to what we have on their site.

    As an example ~ I’ve been trying to set-up one of our clients (Woods Basement Systems) service area on Google to match exactly what we have for them on their website. In GMB, I’ve input only +30 cities to be included in their service area. I handpicked cities that basically hug all along the border of their service area shade with a blend of some of their local bigger cities nearby their physical address.

    What I’ve noticed is that from Champaign, IL to Bowling Green, MO is roughly 185 miles and that is currently displaying for their service area. However, whenever I add further western cities from Bowling Green, MO say Columbia, MO or Jefferson City, MO the edits appear to be rejected or not even applied. And my assumption is that those two cities are roughly 300 miles away from Champaign, IL and that there might be some sort of max distance on service areas.

    I’ve attached two pictures below that show the initial service that was accepted by GMB when I input the 30 or so cities on Wednesday afternoon. And also a screenshot of the current service area that is a bit shaved from the original input.

    Is there either a workaround to getting the correct service area to display or is there potentially a Google policy on this archived somewhere that we can share with the client?

    Link to their service area page on their website:
    Website Service Area

    Link to their Google Maps:
    Google Maps Link

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