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    Aaron WeicheAaron Weiche

    While in New York this past fall to speak at Advanced Local University I can across a sandwich board sign outside of a small business that caught my eye.

    “Pay With A Tweet”

    Pie franchise Pie Face was offering to trade a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram photo linking back to Pie Face for a free pie once a month. A Mobile Commerce Daily article on the campaigns shares some solid results.

    From the article: The campaign, which began in August, lets consumers trade social media currency for a mini pie on every first Tuesday of the month through the end of the year. After just two months of the campaign, Pie Face garnered 700 tweets, 300 Facebook posts and 200 Instagram posts.

    What I really like about this campaign was it’s integrated approach and offering. It leveraged social media, mobile, community building and client happiness (FREE stuff!) in one easy package. The article shares that the first two months of the campaign doubled their social footprint, resulted in 2,000 redemptions of the offer and a lot of buzz. For pie.

    Have you either executed or taken part in a social media campaign that offered a post or tweet as currency? I’d really be interested to hear about them. This seems ideal for restaurants, but what about retail or lodging?

    Phil Rozek

    Good find, Aaron. I’ve seen “pay with a tweet” online, but never used by a bricks-and-mortar biz. Seems to me any business would have an “angle” somewhere, even if the service / product wasn’t small enough to be exchangeable with a tweet. It could be “tweet for a discount.”

    I can think of a couple clients I’d love to try this with.

    Jason WeaverJason Weaver

    I left a comment on http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/pie-face-doubles-social-media-community-in-30-days/ Hopefully she will know what tools they used.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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