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    Is there any way to stop the public from being able to edit the business info for a claimed listing?

    Got an email from a client today that someone had changed the hours for their hardware store. They were pretty upset (and rightfully so!). But we had not changed the hours.

    When I logged into their Google My Business listing, it said something like “Changes Pending” in the “Status” column. When I clicked on the listing, it showed the data I submitted next to the new data (see screenshot attached to this post).

    How in the world does someone who hasn’t claimed the listing able to edit basic information (like hours) on a live listing – that’s already claimed and actively being managed (we login to each listing every month or so and click “Submit” to make sure Google sees that we ARE actively managing it)?

    This type of thing has happened multiple times and it’s quite frustrating.

    Is there a setting somewhere that can stop this from happening?

    Is there any way to get notified when an edit is submitted for your claimed listing?

    -Justin Mosebach

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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