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    Meagan Vitek

    Hey there,

    I need some help:

    We work with single location practices (therapy practices) and some group practices with multiple locations (usually no more than 2). Most of our clients have about 4 specialties (for example: depression counseling, anxiety treatment, couples counseling, and adhd treatment). If we are building their site, we will create a page for each of their specialties.

    I am stuck on how to optimize their sites successfully for local. I have read several different recommendations from different forum questions, so I wanted to ask for some specific help 🙂

    For SINGLE location practices, where do I include the location? From what I have read, I should include the city AND state in the URL, title tag, meta description, content, and the H1. Obviously, in a way that is natural and not forced. If we cannot include the city and state in the content or the H1 naturally, should we just skip that?

    For MULTIPLE location practices, do I need to have a page for each of their specialties AND for their locations? For example, should I have a page for ‘depression counseling houston’ and ‘depression counseling woodlands’. It seems a bit excessive for that, especially since the therapists sites are usually small. For multiple locations, we do create different separate contact pages for each location.

    For multiple locations, I also read that its best to include both cities in the meta description and title tags for the non-location based pages (home page, about page, etc).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I want to make sure I am providing our clients with the best information possible so they (or we) can optimize their site effectively for local.

    Thank you!


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