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    Todd Bolling
    Todd Bolling

    Hello help forum! I have an important question for my client’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LaurensKids/featured

    I wanted to know how I can make all the “Up Next” or suggested videos be videos from MY CHANNEL only? Meaning I only want people to get suggestions for other videos within my channel once they finish watching my video, and if they look on the right-side bar under “Up Next”

    Also, I DO NOT WANT TO JUST create a playlist like on this question:


    Because the viewers have to click to “watch the playlist” first in order to get my suggestions, rather than just watching my videos at random one by one in which case they WOULD NOT get my suggestions.

    Can I pay for this feature in Adwords?


    Todd Bolling
    Todd Bolling

    Can anyone help me?


    Mike Blumenthal

    Let me see if I can find someone to answer the question. Sorry for not seeing this sooner.


    Mike Blumenthal

    From Peggy (a YouTube maven)

     +Mike Blumenthal the short answer is that there is no way to directly control what’s “up next” or Related videos. That said, when I look at most of the videos on her channel,  the next 4 or so videos in the list are hers, so what she is doing is working. And there are things she can do to make viewers stick on her channel longer.

    Things she can do:
    – upload more videos (of course)

    – make sure that her videos have a good description and relevant tags

    – add Cards to her videos to promote other videos, playlists or her channel: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6140493
    (as an aside, as her organization is a 501(c)(3) she should be able to add a Donation Card to her videos too)

    – feature a video or playlist across all her videos

    – use Annotations to link to the video she would like viewers to watch next  (keeping in mind Annotations don’t display on all platforms)

    Other things to keep in mind
    > different people may see different related videos. I often see videos there based on my previous viewing, even if they aren’t that closely related to the video I’m watching
    > her videos may be suggested on other peoples’ channels, bringing in new viewers

    What YouTube says about controlling related videos (tl;dr “you can’t”)

    But here is a YouTube Creator Academy course (recommended!) about steps you can take to learn how to get your channel and videos discovered.  I think it gives a good overview of what you can do and hints at how YouTube’s “algorithmic suggestions” work:


    This is a direct copy-paste from the course material: 

    Suggested videos introduce other great videos, playlists, and channels to the viewer. Similarly, What to Watch and My Subscriptions pages present updates from channels to which viewers have subscribed. What to Watch shows personalized notifications for each viewer based on their viewing preferences and past behavior. My Subscriptions displays the most recent activity from all channels that a viewer subscribed to. Take advantage of these strategies for increasing your visibility and viewership:

    – Use playlists and annotations to program your viewers’ behaviors. These can help influence what YouTube suggests in related videos for your viewers.

    – If your content is grouped into seasons or episodes, use a consistent naming structure so YouTube’s systems can know which episode to suggest next.

    – Be an active uploader, commenter, and curator. Your subscribers can be notified in the What to Watch and My Subscriptions sections when you add videos (even other creators’ videos) to your playlists, when you “like” a video, and when you comment on videos. These notifications can help keep your audience coming back for more.

    – Consider how often you upload. If you upload multiple times a day then your subscribers may feel “spammed” by your channel, so take advantage of the “Notify subscribers” option in the video editing page to avoid too-frequent upload notifications if you fall into this category.

    – Share your videos on linked social platforms so you reach off-site audience members, who can then continue watching videos from links in your end cards and annotations, playlists, or our algorithmic suggestions.

    (I recommend going through the whole course – it has great tips!)

    Also, if she only wants people to focus only on her videos, then she could make a playlist, and share the video link as part of the playlist.

    A link like this one:  https://youtu.be/CdNopQMDHDw?list=PL9hW1uS6HUfsiA_oBoskOWmtlwN8tWHeX

    You can do that by:
    > creating the playist
    > opening the video in the playlist
    > click “Share”
    > make sure the “Share with playlist ” option is selected
    > click the social media sharing icon or copy the link

    So those are some ideas. Hope that helps!

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