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    william schroederwilliam schroeder

    As it stands, google has totally useless info in there for my company from:
    websitepic.com, pageglimpse.com, webcompanyinfo.com, pagespan.com
    Any suggestions on how to clear this out and put useful info in there? It seems like it should be populating my info from citysearch, yelp, axciom, etc.

    Mike Blumenthal

    This is not really known. But in conversations I have come to think that it is possibly a function if page prominence of the pages that the reviews are in. Ie those pages have more rank than others.

    My suggestion would be to link to the review site pages that you prefer from your website home page and perhaps from your blog in an effort to boost the visibility of those pages.

    These review links do not get changed out very frequently so I would track the results for 90 days and if there is still no change rinse and repeat. For example, even though Yahoo stopped showing reviews several weeks ago, you still see a link to Yahoo reviews in more reviews.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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