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    Ben Walsh

    Hey Guys,

    So I need your help on this cos I have a few ideas on why this client isn’t ranking for many things but would be great to have the input from some of the best around so here is the client.

    Todays Dentistry


    OK so they don’t seem to be ranking for much both in Local organic or local now they have been suffering from a bad case of hacking for a while in fact not too long ago there where bingo and gambling pages on the website the URLs are actually still showing up but are timing out or 404. The dental pages also keep timing out which I’m assuming is one of the reasons they are being affected in organic yesterday the client showed 36 x “500 errors”
    My Website guy says its one of 3 things regarding the website issues
    1. Hosting
    2. Coding (possibly)
    3. Malicious files

    So my advice for the client would be to get the hack fixed of course, but also move off shared hosting on to something better and more secure im hoping this will improve the website enough to improve things on the organic side Id love to here your thoughts on other ways we can improve the organic stuff as they seem to have similar domain authority, link profile and Moz rank to the competition.


    Also took a look at the content keyword page in Webmaster tools and this is what I got


    Was wondering if Google thinks this website is some sort of Dentist themed online gambling site its crazy what the malware has done.

    Also had this over the last few days showing in webmaster tools (see attachment)

    We also optimized the website for San Jose and they seem to be well within the border as you can see from this screenshot

    OK so local (GMB) is and has been a mess here is a link to G+ wizard in bright local. The search is done from their zip code so you would expect them to be ranking for some/most of these terms

    This is thier GMB page


    Also found this which is the owner of the clinic


    This dentist listing has more reviews and it seems Google is choosing this one over the main business profile

    As you can see from this report doctor lee is no.7 and the main business profile is nowhere. So what would be the best option in this case as i think they maybe affecting each other.

    There is also a messed up citation profile, we have asked the agency (we are a white label service) to speak with the client and get the phone verifications done. That hasn’t happened yet so we have a previous number still showing on some important citations especially info group and facebook
    Here is the ciation report we have


    So really guys what I need is some confirmation im on the right path and anything else you can think of to get this client back on track in a nut shell what I have at the moment is.

    Get new hosting (not shared) and remove the malware
    Remove the duplicate GMB account if possible it’s a dentist so might not be but still need to choose one,
    Sort out the phone verification’s for citations to update the new number ending 0431

    Would be great to get your input on this guys much appreciated

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