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    Either one URL (about insurance contracts) on our website is a crazy cult hit in India & Africa, our something else is up. Looking for clues – help?

    Here are details re page we’ll call here /bizarrely-high-trafficked/:

    >Google Search Console (GSC) reports click volume 40X of next-highest-clicks page (the homepage).
    >95% of GSC clicks to /bizarrely-high-trafficked/ are from India & Africa. (Rest of site sessions are 99% USA)
    >Google Analytics (GA) sessions to /bizarrely-high-trafficked/ google/organic are roughly same volume as GSC clicks.
    >Google Analytics dimension > users > hostname = 100% our domain.
    >For last 3 months, ave time on /bizarrely-high-trafficked/ is 27 minutes (uh, A LOT longer than other pages), and bounce rate ave = 75% (10-15% lower than other pages). So doesn’t really fit as a negative SEO attack attempting to lower ranks by dropping on the page and then immediately bouncing off.

    Thanks for ideas!

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