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    I’ve been diving into all of our clients mobile traffic looking for patterns to it (and if it’s been rolled out earlier). I wrote a blog post aimed at business owners and executives (read: simple 🙂 but some of the insights were interesting to me. I’m drafting a post for the LocalU blog. Should have enough data for it in a few weeks.

    1) It looks like mobile really ramped up last summer (July / August). These are usually pretty slow months so I wasn’t expecting spikes. But I see some pretty irregular organic mobile traffic across several clients. Could they have been testing this early? I see it again in November and December with a few clients. Again, way too early to tell, but I’ll be diving into it more. Anyone see similar traffic patterns that could indicate earlier testing?

    2) I think a few of our clients clients are in for a rough ride. We help a lot of the agencies in our area with reporting and a few of them called today to check in on their clients to see if they were at risk. One of them has more than 2X of their organic traffic from mobile (compared to desktop). I was expecting some to be reporting about half mobile, but this one way way higher than I expected. Also, their website is not mobile friendly at all and the agency needs to go back and tell them… I warned them two years ago. Oh well, horse to water.

    3) Here’s a mobile dashboard for you (It’s at the end of the post):

    Mobile Matters – Will You Survive Mobilegeddon?

    What do you see happening with your site(s)?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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