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    We have a plumber client that we have recently signed up for Google Home Service Ads. During the process verification process, we found that our GMB page was unverified.

    After calling the Google My Business help line, they said it was because of an address change. This is a change we didn’t make – it must have been on Home Services / Advanced Verification’s part. After a few e-mails exchanged with Home Services and Advanced Verification, our page was re-verified.

    Once we took a look at our page, reviews were missing; I can’t put an exact number on how many, but we definitely had more than our current number of one. Taking a looking at our Home Service Ads profile, you can see our past reviews with time stamps of up to two years ago, way before we began Home Service Ads.

    Has anyone else experienced this loss of reviews / disconnect from GMB to Home Service Ads? Is there anyway we can get this information back?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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