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    Gregory T'Kint
    Gregory T’Kint

    Our Google Places for Business was only recently updated to the New dashboard.
    I checked the details for all of our 42 branches, which took quite a while and will see Google sending out quite a few letters.

    Something I can’t get my head around is how Google comes up with the Categories for the Google+ (Local) pages?
    I do realise that Google will pull in data from third parties to define its own Category but even this doesn’t explain the following situation…

    We have different sides to the business: 6 luxury bathrooms showrooms (more proactive local SEO approach) and 36 plumbers’ merchants trade counters (no local SEO efforts so far).

    Almost all of our trade counters are now showing “Bathroom Supply Shop” as the main Category. Often as the only category being displayed.
    Why??? I never set this as our primary category, and our citations will most often be under a Plumbers’ Merchant category (see http://www.yell.com/biz/james-hargreaves-plumbing-depot-ltd-halifax-2816037 )

    Let me show what I mean with an image:

    Once I understand where Google+ gets its Categories I could use this to achieve a more appropriate categorisation. Also this would allow me not having to rely solely on Google Places’ default categories (what is the use of these categories now anyway?).

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    Kind regards,

    PS: I also posted this as a reply to Mike’s “How Does Google Local Really Work?” video post.
    PPS: I have tried to post this several times and only after removing the and tags did the post actually appear.

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