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    Sarah SnyderSarah Snyder

    [dips toes into forum for the first time … ]

    Hi all – I had a question I’d like to pose here after something that was brought up at Local U yesterday. Is AdWords Express really as scary as it sounds? Won’t a lot be lost in the automation and won’t customers notice that and come home to AdWords?

    I’m currently reviewing a campaign for a client that may be an Express account (I’m still getting clarity there), and I gotta say I’m not impressed with what I saw. Whatever it is, it’s likely automated. Incidentally it looks a lot like the stuff pointed out in this Kickpoint post: https://kickpoint.ca/why-you-shouldnt-use-adwords-express.

    So my question to those who have clients who use Express or who have used it themselves … have these things improved since this November Kickpoint post? Is it really broad match only, no negs and no extensions except for call extensions? Furthermore, can Express really replace the creativity of a human PPC strategist with intimate knowledge of the client?

    Carrie HillCarrie Hill

    Hi Sarah,

    So I think AWX is good for the small mom & pop who has no expertise and/or time to manage a full on PPC campaign. But there are downfalls to it compared to AdWords. I actually spoke on this topic during the SMB event the day before LocalU Austin Advanced. My slides are at the bottom of this page if you want to take a look. A few talk about the pros/cons of AWX.

    Austin Survey

    If you’re managing for them, its likely they need more granular control over budget, keywords and targeting than AWX can provide. The Kickpoint article is 100% on point. You cannot pick keywords that are limited by match type, you cannot use the wide variety of extensions available in regular adwords, plus a bunch more issues.

    Hope this helps! It was great to meet you in Austin!

    Mike Blumenthal

    1- Adwords Express does support negative keywords
    2- While it is broad search it does, over time, adjust the phrases it shows for
    3- While it shows on both display and search initially, it will adjust the ratio to get the most value autimatically
    4- ITS CHEAP on a per click basis for high cost verticals
    5- It pre-rolls the call with a very powerful – This call was generated by Adwords Express message

    I would not write it off on an a priori basis. Because of the low barrier to entry it works well in the very low $ campaign ($100-$300)

    Carrie HillCarrie Hill

    This is where Mike and I disagree a bit, which is OK. I’ve done a lot of awx to AdWords conversions for even the smallest businesses that get frustrated by not having more control over keywords, ads, and budget. In many cases they want to advertise but get frustrated when they look at their search terms either in the dashboard or in Google analytics and cannot control how much is allocated between keywords, IE. more money towards the long tail less money towards high dollar clicks or brand clicks .

    1. I cannot find anywhere within an AWX account that allows you to enter negative keyword. When you look at their help documentation, it indicates that you cannot change any type of keyword matching, including negative keyword matching. It encourages you to use regular AdWords if you want to use phrase, exact, or negative keyword matching.

    2. It will algorithmically adjust the keywords that it does show up for, I would argue that when you’re paying on a per click basis and a semi expensive vertical this is an unacceptable amount of time and cost. If it takes a week to fix (this is optimistic, will probably take longer) and you’re a lawyer, located in Chicago, and you have a moderate budget set up, this could potentially cost you upwards of a thousand dollars. I find that most attorney keywords clicks run in the $15 to $50 range. If you have a low budget and don’t mind “wasting” little bit of money while Google’s algorithm figures it out then this is not a barrier to entry .

    3. See above, waiting for an algorithm to catch up with what you need it to do you can sometimes be costly. If you are a small business owner with a little time to invest and a very small budget this could be an acceptable risk to “keep it simple”

    4. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s cheaper than AdWords. The problem with AWX is it algorithmically clues into the best converting keywords, and your brand is included in those keywords. Of course your brand is going to convert better, especially for those phone call conversions. Most people who are looking for you online by brand-name are undoubtedly looking for a way to contact you, so a click-to-call ad is going to be a very quick conversion. Because of the high volume of branded clicks, you will see a lower cost per click because those are cheap clicks. Being unable to allocate funds between a branded campaign and a non-branded, strong keyword campaign, is a con in my opinion.

    5. I do love the “pre-roll” or “whisperer“ message that does proceed a call from AWX. I wish they would integrate that into regular AdWords.

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    Sarah SnyderSarah Snyder

    Thank you Carrie and Mike! Really good information here. Sounds like a great point/counterpoint for the blog! 😀

    Sarah SnyderSarah Snyder

    OOH – thanks for the share, Carrie. It was great meeting you as well!

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