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    I have a new client that is different than what I normally deal with. The client is a photographer and it presents me with some new obstacles. He has two companies, one is a photo booth company and another is wedding photography. He uses wordpress but his theme isn’t easy to work with and is only centered around showcasing the photography but it isn’t in flash, thankfully.

    1) I am focused on speeding up his site as it is very slow. I am optimizing all of his media.
    2) I added the photo booth company to Moz Local to try and build the visibility.
    3) I worked on tweaking all his presences and added a Yelp page for both businesses and optimized them.
    4) I am transitioning him from blue host to WPengine.
    5) I got him to start blogging and utilizing Yoast.
    6) I got him to really utilize FB and tag people in photos and promote campaigns.
    7) I am adding a testimonials page to both websites.
    8) I am planning to set him up with Whitespark.

    I am curious what you all would recommend I do next? Any suggestions? All are appreciated since wedding photographers and photo booths are new to me.

    Mike Blumenthal

    First, I assume that you are attempting to get two listings at Google and if so then its important that you are in strict compliance with their department rules – a different category for the second business, answer the phone distinctly for each business etc etc. Otherwise you run the risk of Google merging them.

    Then I would be sure that he gathers ALL of his client email and he starts collecting emails for each customer group. If he is doing senior photos etc and dealing with a younger demographic I would start collecting mobile numbers as well.

    Go back and ask existing clients for reviews and be sure to ask all going forward for testimonials and reviews.

    At that point you would need to figure out a local marketing strategy mix; blogging, sponsorships, relationships that would foster links (i.e. wedding folks).

    Mary Bowling

    Optimize those photos! File names, alt tags, captions and a few paragraphs explaining what people are looking at. By talking about the season and time of day the wedding was held, where it was, who the people are and where they are from, the type of food and style of wedding, etc. you’ll naturally work all kinds of valuable long tail terms and combinations into the content. that can help the pages and the photos to rank.


    Thank you both for your feedback. It’s different for me than what I do for our business and I am trying to see what I can do to get him on the right path within a lean budget.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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