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    Ray Litvak
    Ray Litvak

    Hi All,

    It’s been a while now, but a customer of mine is finally getting around to the idea that they need to redesign and upgrade their website if they plan to remain competitive in their local market and niche.

    They’ve enjoyed great rankings and all that comes along with that for a long time but things are changing. The local competition is catching up and my client’s been in denial for way too long.

    I finally got them to buy in to Ben Fisher’s G+ Booster Package back in June to manage their SMM and they’ve been killing it in local ever since, especially Maps. I’ve introduced other of my clients to the Steady Demand G+ Booster Package and the results speak for themselves. The Get Five Stars program helps with another piece of the puzzle, but the need for a new site remains.

    So they’re finally on board the new site train. Thing is, they have their own concept of what their business website should look like. In fact, the client’s daughter was in town over the summer and helped to design a new ‘look & feel’ which I will present here and look forward to feedback from y’all…I haven’t run a heat map analysis or given my own feedback yet as I just received the first draft on Friday.

    So without any further ado, I’ll ask you to behold the new concept (attached) and send along a link to the existing site as a point of comparison https://www.draxelrad.com/. Fact: they also had a hand in designing their existing site lest anyone feel the need to lay blame.

    Thanking those that respond in advance.

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