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    Tim Sweeney

    I’m interested in understanding the use of an address designation within Google Maps and GMB. In this particular case, its the use of the term Commons when it concerns businesses located within the City of Ithaca.

    What I’ve noticed is a somewhat randomness concerning the application of Commons in the address. For example, here are two businesses located within the geographic boundaries (as I estimate them) of the Commons area:

    This listing does have Ithaca Commons in its address https://goo.gl/fVxXtq

    This listing does NOT have Ithaca Commons in its address https://goo.gl/db9HZK

    My initial thought was how did Google determine the Commons area even existed and then through what logic would it apply it to entities within the defined area? Speculating, I am guessing that one or more sources, such as this City of Ithaca webpage have helped to define the geographic area. I checked Mapmaker to determine whether the Commons was defined there. It’s listed as a City Center but I don’t see any boundaries for it.

    With the above in mind, I am interested in learning:

    • How does Google determine whether to apply the use of Commons in the address field?
    • What would determine the defined boundaries of the Commons area? Is it that the area was defined at some point in time and became an acceptable geographically bounded area?
    • What would you recommend to a business located in the commons area concerning its address? This would be interesting to know from a NAP and citations prospective.


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