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    Ben Walsh

    Hey guys,

    So ive not come across this before, we offer local white label SEO services to agencies however I have one agency with me at the moment who wants to bring a problematic client on.

    Its an outsourced packaging and assembly company which ok doesn’t seem to have much local competition but lots of quality directories to get past.

    their target market is the whole of Virginia which might be OK but he also sent me these instructions

    their target geography would be all of Virginia – but they also want to do business with neighboring states (West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina). Please don’t optimize for a city and keep the “Virginia” words to a minimum – ie. no headlines, title tags, etc.

    Im a little confused on what to do with this one they want to rank in Virginia but dont want me to geo target in the titles etc.

    My understanding would be this – optimize the website on page for Virginia and try build out separate landing pages for the other areas and states they want to rank for.

    But to not optimize for anything geographically seems like way too little and they will end up ranking for nothing at all.

    The other option would be try to compete on a national level but its a $250 package so

    Any ideas or best practices for this type of client? at least if you could confirm your best practices for this client i can go back to him with some of the best minds in the industry on my side which might help

    Or He might be right and im wrong ! which id also like to know.

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