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    So we had an issue where an attorney split with his partner and they had a custom URL for their Google+ page. Because of the split, the local business name had the old custom URL, but a new brand. The old url was +FittsZehl. The owner of the page changed the business information to reflect his new firm name, Zehl & Associates, PC. We found an old listing for Fitts Zehl, marked is as closed, did the usual cleanup.

    The last thing to change was the custom URL, which we contacted Google to do. After about 30 minutes on the phone, they submitted a change request and the URL changed within 2 business days. The new URL is https://plus.google.com/+ZehlAssociatesHouston. I checked and everything looks fine, however, my client does not see the change, instead they see a 404 error. I had everyone in the office go to the URL and half saw a 404, and the other half saw the live listing.

    What would cause this? Anyone who reads this post, go to the URL and see if you see a 404. I have attached screenshots of the working page, as well as a 404 error. Has anyone else seen this happen before?

    – Chris Homer

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