Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Google My Business But Were Afraid to Ask…

After starting to read through this guide, it was soon obvious to me that I was reading the part of Joy Hawkins’ brain that deals with all things to do with “Local SEO,” and in particular, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Google My Business But Were Afraid to Ask...

I’ve followed Joy Hawkins for a few years now with an ever-increasing understanding / interest in the subject of Local SEO, and Joy’s published articles and posts have helped me build upon my own professional and personal knowledge on the subject.  I thought “what can this guide show me that I don’t know already?” –Well, I can tell you – it’s one hell a lot when it comes to what you thought you knew, as opposed to what you actually know.  It’s all there in black and white – with excellent supportive color screenshots – to explain in detail the what, how and where questions you may have.

Is this the right guide for you? If you’re a Local SEO Specialist with the drive and the hunger to market yourself, and some big plans to become the “local” town/city SEO expert in your area, then this is a great business investment.

Is it worth it? It definitely is, especially if you have a team of SEO Specialists. This is an incredible training tool and guide, and can help your team get on track and moving in the right direction.

We all know how quickly Google updates how it’s going to do things, and that’s no truer in the world of Local SEO and GMB; but with regular updates from Joy herself, the guide should never become a dated. Thanks to this excellent Expert’s Guide to Local SEO, I know that myself and my team will always be at the front of the line (cough, queue) when it comes to knowing what’s best for our clients in this ever-changing local SEO landscape.

Rating:   5/5

Andy Simpson | @ndyjsimpson | Senior SEO Manager - Digital Law Marketing, Inc.

Andy SimpsonSenior SEO ManagerDigital Law Marketing, Inc.