Secondary Hours in GMB For Some Categories
Carrie Hill

Around May 18, Google My Business will release a new feature into GMB accounts that will allow business owners to add secondary hours to their listing.  Preloading the information is available now in Beta via Google My Business agency partners, but if you wait until next week it should be available to limited industries if you wait until the week of 5/18.

We were tipped off to this new feature by Kyle Harris, Director of Product with and out of France has more details.

This will allow businesses to add special hours for drive-through, senior hours, delivery hours, visiting hours, takeout hours, and pick-up hours.  If you’re in an industry that traditionally wouldn’t offer those types of options – you’ll likely not see this feature.

We’re seeing this in beta on Walmart & Whole Foods listings in New York City.  You can see hours for departments available on this listing – Walmart generally doesn’t have separate senior hours so we’re not seeing that feature in the wild yet.

Once you click on the “See More Hours” link – we see departments and fields for different hours.

This Whole Foods listing has “Senior Hours.”

According to what we’ve learned from Partoo, you’ll have to enter hours for each “department” or “feature” separately – and will need to adjust each location manually unless you use a bulk upload or agency partner.

Again – this is set to roll out the week of May 18 – it won’t be immediately available for every business in every category in every market – and certainly not available for all eligible businesses right away.  As we learn more, we’ll be sure to update you.

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