RoundUps of What You Missed at LocalUp Advanced 2015
Mary Bowling mbowling

Our first LocalUp Advanced Conference — a partnership of Moz and LocalU — was not only a complete sell-out, but a great success according to attendees.

LocalU at LocalUp

Some of them even blogged about what they learned and followed up on some of it with additional insight. Here are some of the round up articles, photos and follow-up posts on LocalUp 2015 I found that you might find interesting and useful:

Local Search History Present and Future Represented at LocalUp by Lauren Gaskill of Spyder Trap

Our Favorite Takeaways from LocalUp Advanced by Jessie Low of Whitespark

Key Takeways for the Home Performance Community by Peter Troast of Energy Circle Pro

The Skinny on Local Search from LocalUp Advanced by Abby Reckard of Well Done Marketing

In Depth LocalUp Coverage: Tweets and Slide Decks from the LocalU Event At Moz by Colan Nielson and Linda Buquet

Photos of LocalUp Advanced 2015 Event from Moz

6 Critical Things You Missed at LocalUp Advanced by Sam Chun of Creative Search Strategy

How To Get Yelp Reviews + Moz LocalUp Advanced Notes (Video) from Jack Jostes of Ramblin Jackson

Google Suggest Has Wildcards? Keyword Planner Hides Data?! Crazy by Rand Fishkin of Moz

How to Use Wildcard Searches for Local Keyword Research by Phil Rosek of Local Visibility Systems

If you missed LocalUp, videos of the entire event will be available for sale in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted. Of course, if you were there, access to the videos is included in your ticket and you’ll be notified when they’re all spiffed up and ready to go.