Your Guide To Google Business Profile Recorded Video Verification Methods – A Go-To with All The Steps and Explanations.
Yan Gilbert

Google has recently updated its help center article on business profile verification methods. The updated method is the ‘Video recording’ method.

The option had been available sporadically but it is now being offered to more people who want to verify their listing.

Google verification - Google recorded video option

Don’t confuse this with the older ‘Live video call’ method, which was primarily used to help verify listings who were not receiving a postcard. The recorded video option is now offered as a primary method as opposed to a backup method.

The recording must meet certain requirements, which are:

  • be one continuous video with no edits
  • start from the outside of the place of business to show outside details of the area like a street sign, business signage, and address on the building
    • if you have any branded vehicles parked outside, you can show those as well
  • as you walk into your place of business, you need to show equipment you use for work and signage
  • continue showing your workplace environment as best as possible

Here are some of the steps you will see when choosing this verification method:

Google Profile Video Verification Step 1

If you start verification on a computer, you will be asked to scan a QR code to continue on your mobile device.

Google Profile Video Verification Step 2

After you upload your recorded video, Google says they will review it within five days.

The help center article also mentions that the videos are used for verification and abuse-prevention only and that if you cancel or delete an uploaded video, that it is permanently deleted and neither Google nor you will be able to retrieve it.

Visit here to see the all the Google Business Profile verification methods.

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