New “Preview Call History” Module in GMB Dashboard
Carrie Hill

Colan Nielsen saw a new module on the GMB dashboard yesterday.  “Preview call history” is featured in most GMB dashboards as far as we can tell.  If you click “Try it out” you’re taken to a notice that indicates you’ll be notified when it’s ready in your area.

If you click on “Learn More” from the dashboard you’re taken to an explanation page on Google that outlines what the feature does, without any screenshots.  Essentially, they explain you’ll be able to manage all calls from clients via the dashboard. Receive, return and track calls, etc.  It’s unknown if this will interfere with existing call tracking until we can test it, but because they’re tracking with a Google number if the “Call” button is clicked, it is possible that you will have to add these calls to your tally in your call tracking account to get an accurate number of calls received by that location.

You will be able to turn the feature on and off if you find it a hindrance.

As always with new features that are in testing – this could have some bumps along the way, as we see this go live for a client we’ll test and report back on the best way to utilize this information.