New Online “Appointments, Care, Classes & Estimate” Attributes in GMB
Carrie Hill

On Monday Tom Waddington noticed a new attribute showing up on some knowledge panels for “Online Care” appearing in desktop local pack results.  The use case Monday was medical – but we’re seeing the “Online Appointment” and “Online Estimates” attribute available and visible for a variety of business categories.  I’ve seen it on lawn care, lawyers, HVAC companies, marketing companies, and insurance agent listing – and it’s likely available for quite a few more.  If it’s appropriate for the individual business/location – they must actually offer online care, estimates, or meetings – then add it to their listing!

Insurance Agent Examples

Lawyer Example

Healthcare Example

Lawn Care Example

 This is actually something that GMB owners can enable for their listings if they’re in a category where “online appointments” makes sense.  Just go to your Google My Business listing – click on “Info” then “Highlights” and scroll down to choose “Online Appointments”

Some categories have the “Online Care” attribute – related to healthcare.  Other categories not related to healthcare have the “Online Appointments” attribute.

I checked in with my bulk upload and API touchpoint, Krystal Taing and she confirmed all of the features are available in both the API and via Bulk Upload!

Updated 6/19/20 (11:44 am)

Yan Gilbert just shared a screenshot of the “Online Classes ” attribute on a listing!