Google MyBusiness Product Suggested Categories
Carrie Hill

Colan Nielsen spotted a new GMB product feature in the dashboard.  Now you can categorize your products based on some suggested categories that Google pre-populates within the Products tab in your GMB.  They seem pretty accurate but closely related to “things” not “services”

This is not populating for all categories – specifically for those that Google doesn’t associate with selling “things”  We use products on all clients that have them available – even those that provide services.

For example, one lawyer I looked at allowed you to add your own categories but didn’t have any categories pre-populated.

Another example is this HVAC client – they do sell “things” in the form of furnaces that they then install – but Google isn’t giving them any suggested categories that allow for that (of course we entered our own categories!)

Are you seeing suggested categories – are they pretty accurate? Is there a lot missing? We’d love to hear your feedback in the Local Search Forum