Video: Last Week in Local Dec. 4, 2017
Mike Blumenthal

Last week in local 12/4/2017

Join Local U for the latest public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending Dec. 4th. This week features Mary Bowling & Mike Blumenthal.

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CVS agrees to buy Aetna in $69 billion deal that could shake up health-care industry – The Washington Post

The combined company could leverage massive amounts of data from both Aetna’s medical claims and CVS’s vast number of touchpoints to consumers, including its 9,700 retail stores and 1,100 MinuteClinics.

Google May Reunite With Nest as It Takes on Amazon – WSJ

Nothing new here. But Google continues to struggle with their own hardware on both a strategic and tactical level. Their purchase of Nest was going to solve this long standing problem and it didn’t. Google’s well honed software delivery process of release early and revise often just doesn’t work in areas that require years of planning, design and production set up.

Google Q & A Rolling out to the Desktop

Finally, both consumers and businesses will have greater visibility into this potential for reputation damage/

Google Assistant Now Recommending Local Services – Particularly Their Own

How will Google monetize voice? This shows the way. And it portends a future where local is all pay to play.

Get local help with your Google Assistant

Google’s announcement of the integration of Local Services & Home

Google brings local lead generation to Google Assistant and Google Home

“This is a highly structured local search and lead-generation experience that will bypass conventional search results (i.e., business listings). Google said the new functionality would be rolling out in the next week or so.”

Google adds a donate button directly into search for US-based nonprofits

Google’s enabling a donate button on the LKPs of select non-profits. Google is keeping track of donations. We’re already using our phones and the internet to support causes. This may centralize that a bit. And think about the data Google gets!

Looking to get out of the SEO business? Good!

“SEO isn’t dead, but your tactics might be”

Implementing Semantic Markup with GTM | UpBuild

Schema Info from Mike Arneson and Ruth Reedy Burr. A blog post, video and ss with detailed info on using json-ld and Google tag manager for schema

Technical SEO Conference Live Stream | TechSEO Boost 2017

Key Structured Data Events

2017 Local Marketing Year in Review – Tidings

David Mihm revisits his local search predictions for 2017

2018 Local Marketing Predictions – Tidings

and makes new predictions for 2018
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