New LSA Update to Boost ROI in Healthcare Verticals
Matt Casady

Google is slowly rolling out a new feature for Local Service Ads (LSAs) for all businesses in the healthcare verticals which includes categories such as dentists, dermatologists, podiatrists, etc.

Read on to see what the feature is and how it is designed to help boost the ROI for healthcare businesses.

What’s the Change to Healthcare LSAs?

For some (not system-wide yet, randomly chosen accounts) healthcare LSAs there is now a whisper message after the caller (prospect) disconnects from the provider (client) – asking the provider about the call/inquiry, a yes or no one question prompt about lead quality.

How This Can Help Boost Your ROI?

This is Google’s attempt to improve ROI for healthcare accounts and make up for the inability to dispute leads. Google will use machine learning (not human review) to analyze these surveys.

What Does This Local Service Ads Change Mean for You?

Hopefully, this is Google’s step in the right direction of improving the quality of leads healthcare providers receive through Local Service Ads. If you have clients or if your business is running ads in one of the healthcare verticals the receptionist team answering the calls needs to be notified to listen for and if prompted answer the survey after callers hang up.

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