LocalU Goes to Omaha and Infogroup
Mary Bowling mbowling

In mid-October some of the LocalU crew headed to Omaha for an SMB event organized by John Heaston of Pioneer Media . The event was enthusiastically supported by the sponsors (show below) and was held in Do-Space, a unique community technology education center serving all ages. The audience was quite savvy and kept us on our toes with interesting questions and unusual business situations that didn’t fit neatly into Google My Business guidelines.

One of the highlights of the trip was a graciously guided tour of Infogroup’s headquarters. The business of data is much more interesting than I ever would have ever imagined! For example, they have a huge library of phone books that are manually disassembled, scanned and the put back together. They get every business journal in the country and go through them every month looking for recent information about business openings, closing, moves and people. They then manually update their database with the new info. They have 100+ sources of data and aggregate over 29 billion records each year with over 90% accuracy. No wonder Infogroup data is so widely used and trusted!

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