Video: Last Week in Local – Jan 14, 2019
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.

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Nail and waxing salons are among the lucky few that will survive the retail apocalypse


Mike: By the numbers:

  • Between 1990 and 2017, the number of nail salons for every 100,000 Americans nearly tripled, from fewer than two to nearly seven.
  • Pet grooming surged by one-and-a-half-times, and cosmetics almost doubled.

Kroger is changing grocery shopping as we know it — and it’s becoming a bigger threat to Amazon — Business Insider


Mike: As customers move through the Kroger’s aisles, digital price tags will light up with a personalized icon that signifies an item on their shopping list. Provides a guided shopping experience. Using either an app, or one of Kroger’s existing “Scan, Bag, Go” terminals, customers are directed around a store to find the items on their shopping list.

The Yelp Bears Are Getting Louder as the Stock Falls – Barron’s


Mike: Analyst is worried about Yelp for three reasons, according to his note:

  • The risk that ad buyers spend less as a result of the company’s shift away from long-term contracts, a move that was intended to made the service more attractive to new advertisers
  • Advertisers see Alphabet (GOOGL)-owned Google or Facebook (FB) as a more cost-effective means of reaching customers online; and
  • A shrinking user base could compound everything else. Another possible way forward for Yelp: a sale.

Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps today – TechCrunch


Mike: Baking Assistant into Google Maps provides more exposure of Assistant to iPhone users. A trojan horse of sorts as Google reaches a billion devices that support Assistant.

7 things you might not know about Google My Business categories – Search Engine Land


Mike: This article debunks the category myth that having multiple categories reduces visibility. Joy also points out that primary category is critical so pick it carefully.

How to Choose the Best Google My Business Category for Any Local Business – BrightLocal


Mary: Carrie Hill takes us through the process of deciding which Google category is best for a business.

What Reviews In 2018 Taught Us To Maximize In 2019 – GatherUp


Mary: Reviews are a conversation. Anything your customers what to tell you is worth listening to. And if you’re paying someone to get iffy reviews for your business, you’re part of the problem!

@TheSocialDude/GMB Product Experts on Twitter


Mary: Ben Fisher gives us the tweets from all the GMB Product Experts (formerly Top Contributors) in one stream.

Products Menu Available (Beta) in Google My Business Dashboard – Online Ownership


Carrie: Product retailers who are small and might not use an inventory system or the Google Merchant API can now add their inventory to GMB via the new products dashboard.

Top 3 Content Marketing Priorities for 2019 | Stone Temple


Carrie: This is a great article for anyone creating content or content strategies in 2019. Specifically important in my mind is the information on linking content hubs and topics together to form a strong support for your new content!

Edmond salon’s online profile responds to negative reviews by posting customers’ personal information |


Carrie: This is really just a case study in what NOT to do when replying to online reviews.  Not only was it rude and uncalled for – this business owner has basically ruined their brand.  Stop, think, breathe, and if you can’t respond without emotion, as someone else to do it in your place.

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