Video: Last Week in Local 1/6/20
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.

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Google says it will no longer use ‘Double Irish, Dutch sandwich’ tax loophole


Mike: Under the Double Irish, companies shift taxable income from an operating company in Ireland to another Irish-registered firm in an offshore tax haven. Dutch tax law allows untaxed profits to be moved to a tax haven without incurring a withholding tax, so a Netherlands-based company is used in the middle of this “sandwich”. There is no reason to think that planning by multinationals hasn’t already evolved several generations beyond the kind of classic ‘Double Irish’ that is now officially coming to an end,”

How to Develop Actionable and Impactful SEO Audits: The SP2 Principles that Facilitate SEO Execution & Drive Growth


Mike: Based on the way you focus and format your SEO audits, you can maximize your chances to gain execution support towards your recommendations that will drive the SEO process. It includes templates for many of the steps.

2020 Local SEO Success: How to Feed, Fight, and Flip Google


Mike: A good summary of the overarching goals and objectives that should form the basis of your efforts with Google this year.

The big list of Google My Business changes, upgrades and tests in 2019 – Search Engine Land


Mike: A great summary of the many changes over the past year.

Does Getting a Google My Business Suspension Impact Ranking? – Sterling Sky Inc


Mike: The short answer is NO.

Top 5 Most Popular Shared Links of the Year



#1 by Adam Steele Local SEO Case Study: Ranking in Local & Organic Search

#2 – Bill Hartzer Results of Removing My Google My Business Listing

#3 – Jessica Greene Earn Higher Search Rankings With This 16-Point Local SEO Checklist

#4 – Claire Carlile Claire’s Big List of Local SEO Resources • Claire Carlile Marketing

#5 – Phil Rozek The Easiest Way to Get a Google Maps One-Box Result – without Spamming |

How to write newsletters that drives results? – eComKeeda


Mary: Learn how to get higher open rates, improved CTRs, increased conversions, and better ROI with your email marketing.

Local SEO Ranking Factors Study | Local SEO Guide


Mary: Smart people try to reverse engineer Google’s Local Search algorithm by studying 200+ ranking factors across 200,000 businesses. Check out the results.

WEBINAR – Google My Business Ranking Factors for 2020 with Joy Hawkins, Dan Leibson and David Mihm


Mary: If you care even a teeny tiny bit about Local Search, don’t miss this upcoming webinar on Jan 10th!

Colan Nielsen on Twitter


Carrie: “People Also Searched For” is showing up as a tab on the mobile KP for brands. Advertising other brands on a brand KP – as Andy Simpson pointed out – possible $ point to keep other brands off your KP?

The Next Frontier of Local Search: Introducing the “Query Carousel” – Brodie Clark Consulting


Carrie: Brodie dove in-depth on the query carousel Mike and I talked about last month in our Deep Dive. It seems to be evolving and even showing a combination of Posts, Q&A and Reviews in a single carousel.

FAQ, HowTo, and Q&A: Using New Schema Types to Create Interactive Rich Results


Carrie: Lily Ray of PathInteractive wrote this great piece at Moz. I’m a big fan of using these new schema types to expand SERPs and push competitors off pages.

Local SEO For a New Decade: What to Expect in 2020


Carrie: The best & brightest in local search weigh in on what they think they’ll see in 2020. What’s your prediction?

Protect Your Restaurants Google Listing from Menu Provider Hijack – Online Ownership


Carrie: Hotels & Restaurants seem to be the most difficult GMB listings to manage – Tim Capper goes through how to reclaim your listing when a menu provider.

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