Video: Last Week in Local 10/7/19
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.

Important Links from Last Week in Local – RIP Mapquest? Google Gets Smart on Category/Query Matching

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Closing for Renovations? Here’s How You Temporarily Close Your Google My Business Listing


Colan: Nikki Brown from Sterling Sky covers  a little known feature that has been in the Experts Guide to Local SEO since February but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this because it is a common request at the GMB Forums.

What to Do If Your Google My Business Listing Is Suspended – BrightLocal


Colan: Ben Fisher covers what to do if your GMB listing has been suspended. What I particularly like about this article is how Ben goes into the lesser known reason for GMB suspensions and what to do about it.

You Can Now Edit Google Maps Business Listings When Unverified


Colan: Barry covers one of the newest GMB features that allows merchants to claim their listing and make edits to it even before they verify the listing.

Jason Brown on Twitter: “Google made a slight update. Now fields that were recently edited show as Under Review instead of every fielding being marked as pending review. That’s great progress. cc @rustybrick…”


Colan: Jason Brown tweeted about the new label that GMB applies to edits that a user makes inside the “Info” tab.

Why is Google showing different categories for this business in the same search/view? – Local Search Forum


Colan: Good reminder and a solid keyword research tactic for understanding what category Google thinks is most associated with a particular query.

Edits to GMB Not Saving – Local Search Forum


Colan:  There is an unconfirmed bug that has a lot of chatter at the Local Search and GMB Forums. The problem seems to be related to edits to GMB categories.

Sessions Day Four – Pubcon Pro


Carrie: I’m at Pubcon this week – if you’re into search in general – follow #pubcon – but especially on Thursday as that’s when the whole Local SEO Track happens. There will be info sprinkled in though, for example, I speak on brand-building during a link building session on Weds – so keep an eye on the hashtag for some great info!

Google on How to Rank Category Pages – Search Engine Journal


Carrie: Roger Monti shares some info about ranking category pages, as well as tips and thoughts on category pages from Google’s John Mueller. Sometimes we want the category page to rank better than the member pages – like a topic hub page instead of all of the spoke pages. Great tips here.

Local SEO Industry Changes, Running a Local SEO Agency, and Helping Clients Succeed with Andrew Shotland


Carrie: Really nice interview/thought discussion with Andrew Shotland on the Grade Us Blog about running a Local SEO Agency and the evolution of the Local SEO world.

Jason Brown on Twitter: “Google is now asking users to post a photo..… “


Carrie: Jason reports that Google is now asking folks to write a review and/or add a photo from the KP with side by side buttons.

? John ? on Twitter: “Emojis in titles are fine — lots of sites have them, (we don’t always show them in the link anchor in search, but they wouldn’t result in a page being removed from search)…”


Carrie: John Mueller confirms that emojis in page titles are just fine with Google – they just might not show in anchor text link in SERPS.

Map Spam, Review Stars and Google Winning: Learnings from Local U Advanced 2019


Carrie: Will Scott did a really nice write-up of takeaways and thoughts from LocalU Advanced – great roundup here, thanks, Will!

Andy Simpson ? on Twitter: “You can post animated gifs to GMB via mobile! Example: Starbucks Check out the photos MUST be on mobile….”


Carrie: Andy Simpson found some instances where animated GIFs are allowed as GMB photos – looks really great in the KP – I haven’t tested yet but some potential for eye stuff there.

Google Reveals Small Business Search Trends for 2019 – Search Engine Journal


Carrie: Local business search is experiencing “tremendous” momentum, Google says, with as much as 350 times more search interest in “local” + “near me” compared to 10 years ago. Duh! 😉

A eulogy for Mapquest – Search Engine Land


Carrie: Greg Sterling writes a Eulogy for Mapquest over at search engine land. I’m not 100% sure it’s completely dead – as I see it rank (with its illegally marked up Yelp reviews) with stars for a lot of brand search. Is anyone really USING it for anything? I don’t think that list is long if there even IS a list!

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