Video: Last Week in Local 7/29/19
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.

Important Links from Last Week in Local – Doordash Drivers will NOW get tips (?!?), Censure for Google, et. al. Anti-Trust Testimony & More

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Google Maps 101: how we map the world


Mike: Google Maps 101: how we map the world

Cicilline Criticizes Tech Firms for Evasive Testimony, Requests Answers to Questions | Congressman David Cicilline


Mike: House Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) sent letters today asking Google, Facebook, and Amazon to provide complete answers to questions that were raised during last week’s Subcommittee hearing

Cicilline said. “I was deeply troubled by the evasive, incomplete, or misleading answers received to basic questions directed to these companies by Members of the Subcommittee. While it is unclear whether these responses stemmed from their lack of preparation, purposeful evasion, or a failure by these companies to select appropriate witnesses for the hearing, we expect Google, Facebook, and Amazon to take this opportunity to provide responses to these questions raised during the hearing.”

DoorDash CEO announces that now your tips will go to delivery workers


Mike: Because they weren’t getting their tips before?

CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell – CBS NEWS INVESTIGATION: Some reputation management companies are using fraudulent court orders to change Google search results | Facebook


Mike: Reputation Management firm caught sending fake judicial orders to Google in order to get unflattering results taken down for their clients.

The runner who makes elaborate artwork with his feet and a map | Life and style | The Guardian


Mike: News of the weird ‪Runner creates illustrations via the routes he runs in San Francisco. ‬ ‪His image of Frida Kahlo required a 28.9-mile run and required 6+ hours‬

Do keywords in reviews help with local rankings? » Juris Digital


Mary: We’ve long felt that thought keywordDo reviews on Google My Business help with local rankings? See how Google treats them in 2019 and what you can do to maximize your rankings and visibilty in the local pack.

Google Confirms Cause of Missing GMB Reviews – Will They Ever Come Back? – Search Engine Journal


Mary: Google confirmed the cause of missing Google My Business reviews. Can you get them back? Maybe, maybe not.

Mike Blumenthal on Twitter: “How to Easily write a Google review? (h/t to Chris Walker)… “


Mary: See just how quickly and easily Google reviews can be contributed by the average person.

Darren Shaw on Twitter: “Hypothesis: cancelling Yext would have no negative impact on rankings whatsoever. Any multi-location brands out there want to run a test with me? I’ll setup all the tracking and do the analysis. You just need to cancel a few locations.”


Mary: Darren’s offering to do some testing. Any takers?

How We Achieved A Google Page Speed Score of 100 With WordPress – Nick LeRoy


Carrie: Nick LeRoy and Kyle Faber did a case study and give tips on how to speed up WordPress sites. IN this case they tell us how they got a WordPress site to score 100 on Google’s page speed testing tool.

Feature Update: Manage All Reviews in Customer Activity – GatherUp


Carrie: GatherUp has a new feature – you can now manage all reviews from the customer activity screen. No more clicking around and getting distracted before you’ve worked through all of the new reviews

Joy Hawkins on Twitter: “Whoa…the “Request a Quote” button is now showing on branded searches on desktop and it’s HUGE.… “


Carrie: Request a Quote button on tons of LKPs showing up for branded search on desktop. Ties into Google MyBusiness messaging. I received a text on the test I sent to Ignitor. When you submit you also get a message that says “When this business responds you’ll receive a message through Google Maps on your mobile device”

Local SEO for Hotels with Mike Blumenthal of GatherUp |


Carrie: Mike was interviewed by Matt Tutt all about local SEO for hotels. If you’re in the hospitality space, or looking for a primer on “how google works” this is a must watch/listen.

Denver, CO – Local University



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