Video: Last Week in Local 7/15/2019
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.

Important Links from Prime Day “Meh”, Local Search & GMB Studies, FAQ Schema, & More

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Google My Business Insights Study – BrightLocal


Niki: 5% of Google My Business listing views result in a website click, call, or direction request – but a lot of data is lost by those not clicking to call or businesses that aren’t using call tracking.

What two big studies tell us about the state of local marketing – Search Engine Land


Carrie: Greg Sterling reports on new research from SOCI and FreshChalk looked at lots of local brand pages and picked them apart. Let’s just say…..There’s lots of room for improvement

Amazon customers complained about technical difficulties for the 2nd Prime Day in a row


Carrie: You’d think they’d have figured this out by now. 

I didn’t see anything amazing, and I’m a pretty big Amazon prime fan. I do double check their pricing, though. Example – RTIC 1/2 gal water bottles – $45 on Prime, on sale today on the website for $15….. – with shipping it’s $22 – HALF the prime cost. Double check the deals, y’all!

Local SEO for Enterprise Brands TODAY: What’s New & Where to Focus Next | Rio SEO


Carrie: Check out this Enterprise Local webinar with Joy Hawkins, Chad Klingensmith, Sr. and Krystal Tiang on the 25th. If that’s your space, go for it!

How to Leverage FAQ Schema To Drive Traffic to Multiple Pages on Your Site – Path Interactive


Carrie: I’m a big fan of FAQ schema ad QAPage schema. Lily Ray at PathIneractive put together a great article on how to add it to multiple pages on a site. I like adding FAQ to any product or service page – and the about page as well. Lots of opportunity to answer customer’s questions.

Taking Advantage of the Google My Business Updates – Local University


Carrie: Excited to have Niki on LWIL – and to have her contributing to the blog at LocalU today with some info on the newest GMB updates and how to utilize them!

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