Video: Last Week in Local – Dec 3, 2018
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.;

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Google’s Site Quality Algorithm Patent – Search Engine Journal


Any time Roger Montti talks links, I’m listening! Read his take on Google’s Patent on a Site Quality Algorithm and how it could affect SEO and rankings.

Google’s John Mueller on Why Some Sites Rank – Search Engine Journal


Google’s John Mueller discusses what it takes to make an authoritative site with trusted content.

Blog | interview with Tim, Capper on being a Google Product Expert


Google Product Expert, Tim Capper had great information to share about the benefits of the program. If you’re a local SEO, you won’t want to miss this.

? Episode 3: David Mihm explains why Google My Business is now more important for Local SEO than a website


Great interview with LocalU Faculty David Mihm about why GMB is so important to local businesses!

The Amazon Warehouse Comes to SoHo – The New York Times


A scathing review of Amazon’s 4 star store in NY -part of the company’s slow seep into physical retail. Curation by algo and it is worse than a Filo’s Basement in terms of clutter!
“It is grim. A permanent store with the harried, colorless mood of a hastily assembled clearance-sale pop-up. Lot-Less Closeouts stores have more vim and charm.”

PR Firm and Publisher Settle FTC Allegations They Misrepresented Product Endorsements as Independent Opinions, Commercial Advertising as Editorial Content | Federal Trade Commission


FTC Brings Action Against PR Agency And Publisher For Misleading Online Endorsements And Deceptively Formatted Advertising as Editorial Content A shot across the bow of any company that selectively uses positive reviews and endorsements without clear verbiage that they are doing so.

Google Maps biz reviews can now include hashtags – TechCrunch


The company confirmed support for hashtags rolled out globally just over a week ago on Android devices. Guides were told they can go back and add hashtags to their old reviews, as well as include them on new ones.

Who Needs a Google Beacon? Google Location Accuracy Tested and Assessed – BrightLocal


While Google’s free beacon to local advertisers provides some additional location accuracy, that accuracy can be achieved in other means.

And, if you wear a tin hat, you also need to be concerned that most of the data flow is to Google and not back. This effectively means you are providing your customer list to Google.

Google My Business API v4.3 has been released – Search Engine Land


The API finally supports Google Q & A!

Reserve With Google – Which Categories & Services Are Eligible? | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search


Google, in their API docs, delineates the types of businesses that are candidates for Reserve with Google program…. Doctors and dentists need not apply.

4-Star Fake Review Issue – Over 2.3 Million Fake Ratings on Google | Local Search Forum


Joy Hawkins and Jason Brown are reporting on a massive fake review scheme. We discuss the bigger picture and what the scammers might be trying to accomplish with this attack.

Local U Advanced Santa Monica – February 6, 2019


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