Images in Google Posts Borked, Broken, and Bonkers
Carrie Hill

A few weeks ago – an innocuous thread on the Local Search Forum started with the title, “Images That Will Cause Your Google Posts to Fail and Filter Your Google Posts” started a conversation around Google rejecting posts because we thought the skin-to-clothing ratio was too low.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of logic around which images got through, and which got kicked out… but there is an interesting progression over the last week or two – I tried to illustrate what happened in

Then we noticed some posts being rejected simply for having a photo, and a workaround seemed to be posting, then editing the post and adding a photo

We saw identical posts being treated differently – some rejected, some accepted

Then, we saw posts being completely rejected no matter what

Then, there was speculation that it was due to stock photography – because Google seemed to indicate that nothing was wrong and it was working as intended – but even those using owned/original photos were having issues.

All along, the Local SEO community was still taking bug – it was pretty apparent it wasn’t “working as intended”

Oh – then maybe it wasn’t working as intended (according to Google.)

Then it was fixed – and some of the posts that were denied, actually posted – making a duplicate post mess.

THEN we saw a new feature – posts with multiple photos….. more on that coming soon!