Have You Tried Google Support for Local Lately?
Mary Bowling

google-maps-iconSince the dawn of Local Search, getting meaningful support for problems with local business listings on Google has been hit or miss. For a long time, the attitude seemed to be that a free product didn’t warrant any support, but the problems that so many SMBs experienced with their listings were so dire that it caused a great deal ill-will towards Google.

Over the past year or so, Google’s support for local listings has increasingly improved. It’s now better than the help we can get for many products and services that we pay for that offer much less value to us. In fact, it’s become so good that I have to give well-deserved kudos to the Googler responsible for the amazing turn-around.

Joel Headley and his team are now wow-ing us with unprecedented phone support for our Google business listings! To experience this yourself, just log into the account that holds the listing for which you need help. Then go to this URL and enter your phone number. You’ll get a call back very quickly from a knowledgeable person willing and able to assist you.

Google Call Back Support Form

In many cases, your problem will be resolved while you’re on the phone and you’ll get a realistic estimate of when you can expect the changes to be live online. Everyone that I’ve suggested this to has been extremely happy and completely amazed with the experience. Of course, if you are intentionally violating any of the listing quality guidelines or simply want to argue about why those guidelines should not apply to you, I wouldn’t recommend calling.

There’s also a new category I just noticed in the help forum called Announcements and subtitled News from the Google team, which I’m bookmarking right now. I want to know anything they are willing and able to share and having it all in one place should help with that.

This is a huge and very much welcomed turn-around for Google and shows that it truly is concerned with presenting accurate business information in its results. Thanks Joel H. and Jade W. and the entire Local support team at Google!

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