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Google Trusted Verifier Program: It was there and now it’s not

By February 3, 2016 March 3rd, 2022 11 Comments

screen-shotEarly today at Linda’s forum and in the Local U forum it was reported that Google had rolled out a new Google Trusted Verifier Program that allowed folks in the field to verify a business instantly. However it now appears that the help files were released prematurely and they were all removed from Google. Or are only being made available to beta testers.

The program apparently is an Android app based program that allows those chambers and business groups working with, supporting and offering up the Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program to instantly verify the listings of participants and to visit businesses and verify while on site. It does NOT appear to be a generalized program for consultants and agencies although there is mention of trusted verifiers outside of the above program that need to be invited into the program by a Googler. It is conceivable that the app could be rolled out to large Adwords partners with feet on the street although that does not appear to be its initial intent.

These are the Help pages that have been now removed:

Trusted Verifier

Mary Bowling captured most of the documentation and posted it to the Local U Forum. Here are some relevant excerpts about the program:

Welcome to Trusted Verifier

Trusted Verifier is a new verification method for Google My Business. Trusted partners can use the Trusted Verifier mobile app to verify local businesses. Other than the Trusted Verifier program, there are three ways to verify a business: by postcard, phone, or Google Search Console. Learn more about verification

The Trusted Verifier app records verifications made in-person by trusted partners and sends them to Google, along with the verifier’s location at the time of verification. If the verifier’s device isn’t online when it verifies a business, the recorded verification is saved on the device and uploaded when the device gets back online. Once the record reaches Google, the local business is verified, just as it would be if it used any of the other verification methods.

Supported devices and browsers

The Trusted Verifier app is only supported on Android devices. If the business owner you’re verifying signs in on your device, only the Chrome browser is supported. If you and business owner use separate devices, the business owner can use any mobile browser.

Access the app

The Trusted Verifier app is available for Android devices at g.co/TrustedVerifierApp. The app is only visible to, and available for, members of our Trusted Verifier Google Group: gmb-trusted-verifiers@googlegroups.com. If you aren’t a member of the group, you’ll see a message stating that the app isn’t available.

If you would like another member of your organization to become a Trusted Verifier and help you verify additional businesses at workshops, email the Google contact who invited you to become a Trusted Verifier.

Once we’ve received the Google Account that you’ll be using for verifications, we’ll send an invitation to join “GMB Trusted Verifiers”.

Verification policy

If a business owner wants to verify more than 10 locations of one business, they should follow our bulk verification process instead of using Trusted Verifier. Learn more about bulk verification

For verifications on site, you must only verify the business where you are physically present.

For verifications at events, you can verify up to 10 listings per owner/person, provided that they bring the required documents for each one of those listings.

A business owner should bring one or more of the following documents to an event to be eligible for verification with Trusted Verifier. The documents must show the business name, address, and category (if possible).

  • Utility bill(s)
  • Tax letter(s)
  • Business registration certificate(s)

It’s the responsibility of the Trusted Verifier to become familiar with the types of documents he/she will verify.Copies of documents aren’t acceptable; all documents must be original.


You can see the complete set on screen shots, procedures and policies in our forum.

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  • Daniel says:

    Hi Mike I was willing to become a beta tester, but I haven’t heard back from anyone after I filled out form.

    • Mike Blumenthal says:

      My sense is that it is only really available to Chambers and very large partners that participate in Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program so I doubt that you will be invited. Let us know if I am wrong.

  • Mary Bowling says:

    Today there is minimal info about this online here: https://support.google.com/business/answer/6310078?hl=en&ref_topic=6319777 so maybe its’s really coming….

  • I signed up a couple of weeks ago after getting the beta invitation, and on the phone w/ a client this morning I opened the app for the first time, assuming we could do this over the phone. Nope.

    It’s for use with an “on site” visit only, and you need your Android device / app so you can take a picture of the QR code that they generate on their desktop or laptop.

    Come to think of it, yep, I think you’re right, Mike, because I and the only other person I know in the program are both in in the GYBO chamber program….

  • jeanot says:

    Hi we have been selected to use the trusted app. Only 20 Trusted verifiers exist! Says Asya a Google employee.

  • Bellamy says:

    Hey guys,

    Im a google trusted photographer and would really like to be part of this program! if someone could send me an invite to use this app it would be great! bellamy.m.ribeiro@gmail.com


  • José Ricardo Fabbi says:

    Hey guys,

    Im a google trusted photographer, Im from Brazil and would really like to be part of this program! if someone could send me an invite to use this app it would be great! ricardo.fabbi@gmail.com


  • Hi Mike,

    Know this is an old article, but wanted to let you know that actually the program is up and running. Also all the pages are online.

    I became a Trusted Verifier the other day and was able to download the app about 6 hrs after I got the confirmation mail.

    The TV app works like a charm.

    Regards, Eduard.

  • Henry says:

    Hi. I am a trusted photographer since 2015. I would like to become a member and use it in the “Google Trusted Verifier Program”. We would really make it easier for our customers to verify their business.
    Good day and good mood

  • Danneytrieu says:

    My name is Nguyen Trieu and I’m currently a local guide in VietNam. As I been helping with many businesses enlisting for google map, i find out that nearly all of them never receive postcard while that’s there only available option. Until I dig in further and know about google trusted verifier program. I would very much love to be a part of the program to help many businesses here in VietNam become verify and unleash their business’s potential.
    If someone out there has the power to invite, please send me an invitation to Danneytrieu@gmail.com

    Thank you so much

  • Arif Karedia says:

    I own a google my business agency. Please can you guide me how can i get google trusted verified app.

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