Google Showing 3-Day Change of Ownership Notification
Carrie Hill

Cordell Crowley shared a screenshot of a message in the Local Search Forums that basically promised a 3-day turnaround when requesting ownership access to Google MyBusiness listings.

In most cases you had to wait for about 7-days before you could get control of an already claimed listing.  Historically – there wasn’t even a number of days tied to the turnaround.  Google is slowly shrinking the gap.

Waiting to get access was especially problematic if a business had a change in personnel and access was tied to a previous employee’s Google account, or they took the Google Logins with them when they left.

This is not a blanket change – Cordell also reported they had quite a few that displayed the 7-day message still – and that this particular 3-day message came for a Service Area Business.

Are you seeing a shorter turn around time for taking over an already claimed listing? Discuss it with us at the Local Search Forums

Carrie comes to Sterling Sky with SEO experience that dates back to 2005! She has a passion for figuring out what works for each and every client and picking apart the problems that arise in our “it depends” relationship with Google. She has also been organizing and nurturing the LocalU Conference Series since 2017 – through to today – across a hectic few years of pandemic and back into in-person conferences again.