Google Now Shows Older Posts in the Knowledge Panel
Joy Hawkins

Brodie Clark pointed out yesterday that Google is now displaying Google Posts in the Knowledge panel even if they were posted over 7 days ago.

This is big news because it means Google Posts now have a lot longer shelf-life, and you won’t have to worry about the traditional post types “disappearing” after 7 days.  Previously, people would sometimes use event posts as a way to get around this and have a post display longer but it looks like that will no longer be necessary!

Sterling Sky’s Knowledge Panel previously would have shown no posts since we haven’t posted in the last 7 days, but now it’s showing some older posts we did several months ago.

This change is likely going to cause a big spike in the number of views each post gets.  You can see how many views your posts are getting by visiting the Posts tab in the Google My Business Dashboard.