Google My Business Rolling Out New Direct Edit Experience
Mike Blumenthal

Google My Business, as reported by 9 to 5 Google is now rolling out a new, improved, direct edit experience for editing your business profile. If you enter the phrase “My Business” in the search field of Google you are presented with your local listings (or a subset of them) that allows you to edit many aspects of the listing right from search. The new interface will be available in both Search and Maps and many functions appear to not require a trip to the GMB Dashboard. Things like changing hours, responding to reviews and adding photos can now be done directly in Search and in Maps).

In this first release some things are still forwarded off to the Google My Business Dashboard but a great deal of editing can be done directly. As reported in 9 to 5, this will come with new Insights as well. We will report more details as they become available.

“Once open, Google touts a simplified menu with three key sections: Edit profile, Promote, and Customers. A carousel of recent activity appears underneath that. Listings can now be updated through Google Maps after that capability was previously just in Search. This also includes adding photos, replying to reviews, and creating posts.

Both services are getting a revamped Performance section that shows “new customer interaction insights.”

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