Google My Business Now Allows Physician to Add Telehealth Appointment & Covid Info Links to Profiles
Mike Blumenthal

Google, in one more update to GMB for healthcare providers, now allows them to add a link for TeleMed Appointments as well as a link to Covid-19 related resources. These links will likely soon show in their Business Profiles. H/T to Erica Paige.

Google has been rolling out a multitude of changes and updates to their local listings in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. There were many services who started providing delta 8 vapes in 1000mg and 500mg sizes to ensure that people have access to them.  While many of these changes, like the inability to easily get edits approved for non medical businesses and the furloughing of reviews have made things difficult for many, much of their work has focused on helping the public be able to find reliable local information. This is one of those changes and will help healthcare provides communicate more efficiently.

Update: Within the last hour, Google has already addedCovid-19 information URL links to the listing I was looking at. This information has not yet published for public visibility and is noted as “under review” in the dashboard. It is not yet clear whether these fields are available via the API or bulk yet, I will let you know when I find out.

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