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Google ‘More Reviews’ Links Removed From Knowledge Panel

By April 23, 2015 11 Comments


Google has confirmed that the link to reviews from around the web, labeled “More Reviews,” has been removed from the Knowledge Panel in local search results. The feature was present in one form or another for many years and included links to most review sites.

“Reviews from around the web” continue to show in the Google My Business Dashboard although apparently those will also be removed.

Google confirmed the change and made the following comment:

We’re always working to make search more useful and experimenting with new ways to present accurate and reliable information our users are looking for. At Google, we regularly make changes to user interfaces of our products based on what content users find most helpful in making local decisions. Going forward, we will continue to evolve the local results’ user interface to better serve our users. In order to make sure we are showing the most accurate and current content about your business on Google, links to reviews from other websites will no longer be visible. Google reviews for your business will continue to be visible. Using Google My Business, you will still be able to view and respond to Google reviews.

In order to make sure we are showing the most accurate and current content about your business on Google, third party reviews will soon no longer be visible in Google My Business. Reviews from Google users will continue to be visible, and using Google My Business, you will still be able to view and respond to these Google reviews using Google My Business. 
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  • Avinash says:

    Hello Blumenthal,

    How about reviews from Reputed websites i.e Yelp, Yahoo Etc

    Because all our customer are happy to review us in Yelp instead of Google Plus Page.

  • FalM says:

    It was pretty much spam. I have been reported it to Google many times, but they didn’t any action.

  • I want to take the cynical view of this (i really do) but there was a lot of garbage making it’s way into those links. Scraper sites with no actual reviews, website info sites, even saw a random blog page a while back. I wouldn’t be motivated to improve the feature either if i were Goog. Why send users off Google to read reviews?

    • Mike Blumenthal says:

      As you and FalM point out, there was a lot of garbage. Their review scraper was way to aggressive and not refined that’s for sure.

      And while there is something to be said for Google’s quality argument it also fits into their long term tactics of keeping users on Google just a little longer, just one more ad…

  • David Mihm says:

    Yeah, I don’t buy the ‘low-quality’ argument. It’s not that hard to hand-pick the top 100 sources from around the web and ONLY show those reviews, let alone apply ANY kind of algorithm around domain authority and categorical relevance. Something deeper afoot here.

  • MiriamEllis says:

    Hey Mike – Thank you so much for this. I had seen that they had disappeared just this morning and went looking for confirmation. Michael Borgelt showed me your post. Certainly, the confirmation I was looking for.

    Not sorry to see these go. Never felt they were useful.

  • Mike Blumenthal says:

    The bigger loss to the SMB will be losing them from the GMB review panel. That was one spot where they were useful even with their inaccuracies.

  • Kevin Jordan says:

    What goes around comes around…looks like as of 9/2016 these reviews are back. Until Google decides to remove them again. Wish they’d make up their mind.

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